If there is a single recent book that can advance economic literacy in this country, it is Thomas Sowell's latest book, Basic Economics. . . . Sowell has managed to make economics humane again, relevant and interesting to young people and ordinary citizens.
Policy magazine

Voters by the millions want to know basic economics, not for passing tests but for grading politicians, and for understanding how the world works. They do not need the equations, graphs, and jargon of textbooks, but the guts of the basic issues. They have waited a long time for this book, by one of the nation's best and most trenchant minds.
Michael Novak      
American Enterprise Institute

Alchian said the true test of whether one understands his subject is whether he can explain it to someone who doesn't know a darn thing about it. Mr. Sowell wasn't Mr. Alchian's student, but Basic Economics demonstrates his ability to make economics understandable to a person who hasn't set foot into an economics class. It's a book rich with explanations and examples of everyday economic issues and problems without the jargon, graphs and equations.
Professor Walter Williams
George Mason University 

It's no small feat to write a book on the laws of economics without inflicting a single demand curve on the innocent reader. Thomas Sowell does just that in his engaging primer on the fundamentals of economic thought.
Eilen Ciesla,
The American Spectator

Basic Economics will surely become the best supplemental text for every introductory economics course and essential reading for years to come for anyone wishing to understand how the real-world market economy works. . .
Richard M. Ebeling
Freedom Daily        

We are about giving students the best education possible and we believe your Basic Economics does just that. 
Russell D. Spicer
Liberty Common School
Fort Collins, Colorado

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