Revised and Enlarged Edition
Author:  Thomas Sowell
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-465-09676-3 * $35.00 US/$45.50 CAN * Hardcover * 576 pages
Published by Basic Books, Perseus Books



“A true gem in terms of exposing the demagoguery and sheer ignorance of politicians and intellectuals in their claims about wealth and poverty… Dr. Sowell's new book tosses a monkey wrench into most of the things said about income by politicians, intellectuals and assorted hustlers, plus it's a fun read.”

—Professor Walter E. Williams,
George Mason University


“It’s a scandal that economist Thomas Sowell has not been awarded the Nobel Prize. No one alive has turned out so many insightful, richly researched books. His latest is another triumph of crackling observations that underscore the ignorance of our economists and policymakers. His take on how culture, geography, politics and social factors affect how societies progress–or don’t–will rile those addicted to political correctness but leave everyone else wiser.”

—Steve Forbes

“Sowell… draws from this well of research to do what he has done so well for so long: question basic assumptions behind public policy and follow the facts where they lead him.”

—Jason Riley,
Wall Street Journal


“Had such an approach been available in this reviewer’s student days, his understanding of the world would be that much better.”

Library Journal



“At a time when many politicians, academics and media commentators are focusing on income inequality, Thomas Sowell's Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective offers a refreshing and stimulating view. He takes a broad historical look at the geographic and cultural influences that account for the vast differences in income over the ages. Using a good dose of basic economics and stories of real people, he shows that the spread of prosperity, even if unequal, is far more effective in eliminating deprivation than a preoccupation with reducing income gaps, which often turns into a counterproductive blame game, breeding resentment, hatred and ethnic conflict.”

—Professor John B. Taylor
Stanford University


“A provocative analysis of the universal causes of economic success and failure. . . While Sowell offers no pat solutions, his implied argument that cultural considerations must inform any serious attempt at improving the economic prospects of an underperforming nation or group merits serious consideration.”

Kirkus Reviews


“This isn’t just a work of characteristic brilliance from Sowell—it’s a laser-guided intellectual weapon aimed at the foundations of liberal envy politics. . . Dr. Sowell’s book is a masterful fusion of science and common sense on the subject of why some groups are impoverished, and what society can do to lift them out of poverty. ”

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